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The objectives of BKConsult are to give expertise advise for major projects in the field of:
- Project realization and management
- Architectural design and engineering
- Civil engineering

  BKConsult assists the client to reach the goals in an as efficient and economic way possible.
For that reason BKConsult's design and/ or engineering proposals are optimized based on costs and time. These proposals can be based upon a detailed step by step process giving the Client maximum possibilities of participation or as a process where basically the clients input remains limited to some major key decisions. BKConsult's work philosophy for the realization of building projects is as follows:

Design Management:
During the different phases of the project design a team of experts is brought together and with a process of negotiations the most optimal design is created by provoking creativity and awakening visions. Balancing various construction techniques for the different trades, with special attention for the specific conditions in tropical climates, the most economic solution is developed for the many engineering and construction problems part of the building process.

Project Construction Management:

By dividing the project in various smaller packages, suitable for specific trades and coordinating these trades results in many times for intermediate size projects in the smaller Caribbean islands, in a higher degree of competition. Giving specific traders the freedom to offer their own (innovative) design, based on at least to exceed requirements set forth in the specifications, promotes a better overall quality as well. The combination results in more competitive pricing.